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     Short term and longer- term services are available depending on your needs and financial situation. Sessions can be once or twice a week, biweekly, or once a month; 60 minutes or 90 minutes. It is strongly recommended that 90 minute sessions be scheduled for EMDR therapy and although this may seem expensive, in many cases, issues can be resolved sooner than with other talk therapy modalities.

     Couples therapy is available for couples wishing to deal with challenges they are facing. I recommend that we start with individual counselling- one or more sessions before commencing with couple therapy so that each person can be heard and assessment can be more thorough.

     Family Counselling is also available however, like couples counseling, I recommend, depending on the situation, that one or more members of the family may benefit by one or more sessions of individual counselling.

    Contact me by telephone at 250.228.4330 or by email:

Office is located in Parksville, B.C. I am willing to travel to do presentations and seminars

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact us within 24 hours of your appointment time or you will be charged for your appointment.

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Visualize your Peak Permonance

If you are having problems coping with your problems including children or other relationships, please call and we can discuss your needs and concerns.

Mindfulness- Learn how to enjoy the present moment

Mindfulness- Learn how to enjoy the present moment

Explore with your child their own interests

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